Resource List – Helping Families With Grief Support After An Overdose

By: Jessica Farren
Public Relations Specialist, ASD

ASD shared a resource list they recently put together that will be helpful to you and your employees.

Here is the URL:

The resource list compiles national as well as local grief support groups specifically for those who have been impacted by a loved one’s overdose. I was driven to create this after a blog I posted last year about my father’s overdose and complicated grief I experienced resulted in emails from people all across the country asking if I could recommend a grief support group.  When I could not find a comprehensive resource list online, I decided that I would create one in hopes that it would help both families searching the web and funeral directors who are often asked for recommendations from families. As I’m sure you’re aware, many funeral directors have been personally affected by the drug epidemic and the profession as a whole is struggling to find ways to help families that have been devastated by it.

The resource list is a result of many hours of searching the web and compiling information. However, I realize there are likely to be other organizations and groups out there I may not have found in my search. I wanted to reach out to you to see if there were any overdose grief support resources you are aware of that are not included on the resource list so that I could add them. Additionally, I plan to keep this list up to date so it remains a resource as time goes on, so if more groups are added in the future, I welcome you to share those details with me so I can include them in the list.