Our Mission

Encouraging the continuance of education of our members, promoting high ethical standards in our industry, and providing advocacy for death care professionals and the families they serve.

Our Equity Vision

We are committed to advocating for and supporting the diverse population in the state of Arizona. We believe that funeral directors, cemeterians, aftercare professionals and the families they serve of all races, cultures and groups deserve high ethical treatment, compassion, and the opportunities for continuing education in order to better serve the community.

Our Core Values

Community • Adaptability • Collaborative • Service • Commitment

Professionals committed to serving our community with compassion, adaptability and collaboration.

The purpose of the Arizona Funeral Cemetery Cremation Association is to provide education opportunities for it’s members as well as educate the general public, promote an improved understanding of death care services, its values and the community contributions made by the death care profession and provide a single strong voice on public policy and legislative issues. A high priority is to educate its members toward professional and management practices which meet the needs of survivors and clients.  The Association shall maintain high ideals of service to the public among its members as it seeks to meet community needs and common interest of the profession and to encourage and promote compliance with the Arizona Funeral Cemetery Cremation Association code of ethics.

Our History

The AFCCA is a 501c6 non-profit association.  It became an official association as of January 2010. The AFCCA was a combined effort of the Arizona Funeral Directors Association and the Arizona Cemetery Association to join together and create a new association to better serve the membership of both organizations.

The Arizona Funeral Directors Association was formed in 1958 and the Arizona Cemetery Association was formed soon after.  Both organizations have had a successful history of longevity.

Our membership is made up of Funeral Directors, owners of Funeral Home and Cemeteries, Crematories and suppliers of services and product for mortuaries and cemeteries.

The Association also has a philanthropic arm:  AFCCA Foundation for Children.  This association is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.  Its purpose is to help at risk school age children with medical/health needs.  We work with school nurses, teachers and the school principals who identify children with a need.  A volunteer school nurse coordinator helps in the process of determining eligibility for funds that go to the provider of the service for the children.

We are here to help with any questions or concerns you have.

AFCCA Code of Ethics

In order to foster and perpetuate high ethical standards in the Mortuary Profession, each member of this association hereby pledges himself/herself to adhere to the following rules of Professional Conduct:

  • To set an example of good citizenship by honesty and fairness in all dealings.
  • To perform all services in a dignified and respectable manner.
  • To respect the confidence of every family served.
  • To be ever mindful of the welfare of his/her employees.
  • To observe all public health laws and support enactment of all just laws pertaining to the mortuary profession.
  • To encourage the scientific advancement of embalming and all phases of the funeral service.
  • To refrain from using advertising which could or might foster misunderstandings by the public concerning the fair cost of funeral service.
  • To refrain from offering service and/or merchandise to any group or organization that is not offered to the general public, without discrimination as to price.
  • To extend any assistance necessary in offering service in individual cases of actual hardship.
  • To conduct all services in a manner that will assist the ministry in observing the religious beliefs of the decedent.
  • To cooperate and deal fairly with other funeral professionals.