Continuing education; promoting high ethical standards; providing advocacy

Below is a current list of your AFCCA Board of Directors. Our board comes from all over the state of Arizona, and from a variety of locations.

Each year the Board has an election for officers, and also to fill board seats. Elections are held at the Annual Convention in June.

Becoming a board director is your chance to be a leader in your professional organization, help make policy, make a difference in your industry. There is always so much happening with the funeral industry, particularly in the legislative area. Help make decisions that will affect your business.

Board terms are for three years. There are 11 monthly meetings (no meeting in December), which are open to anyone who would like to attend.

If you are interested in becoming a board director, we encourage you to begin attending monthly meetings. You may apply online by visiting our nomination page once nominations are open in January of each year.

2020-2021 AFCCA Board of Directors


Joseph Stone

Vice President | Funeral Council

Steve Palmer

Treasurer - Funeral Council - NFDA Policy Board Rep