The AFCCA is dedicated to promoting the further development of professional, ethical, responsive death care providers that are a credit to the industry.

As a way to promote our profession, we offer two scholarship opportunities.

William Aaron Scholarship Program

The William Aaron Scholarship Program was designed to assist and enhance the success of a current Mortuary Science student at Mesa Community College.

Each year, AFCCA offers a scholarship to a 2nd year student, with a B or better grade point average. The scholarship is valued at $1,000. The application process begins in August, with a December 31st due date. 1st year students may apply to receive funding in their 2nd year.

Son/Daughter Scholarship

The funeral business has traditionally been a family business. Many AFCCA members are part of a funeral, crematory, or cemetery family. We wish to honor and further this tradition by offering a Son/Daughter Scholarship. Children of death care industry workers who are also studying to be in the profession may apply for this scholarship, valued at $500.

Students must be attending an accredited program and have a B or better grade point average.

The application process begins in August and must be submitted by December 31st to be awarded in the next semester.