Son and Daughter Scholarship Application

Son and Daughter Scholarship Application

The funeral business has traditionally been a family business. Many AFCCA members are part of a funeral, crematory, or cemetery family. We wish to honor and further this tradition by offering a Son/Daughter Scholarship. Children of death care industry workers who are also studying to be in the profession may apply for this scholarship, valued at $500.

To be eligible for the AFCCA Son & Daughter Scholarship, the following items must be submitted:
  1. A cover letter explaining why applicant believes he/she is a worthy candidate for the scholarship (financial need will be taken into consideration but is not the determining factor.)
  2. A letter from the Assocation Member stating the relationship to the applicant.
  3. An essay, not less than 1000 words or more than 2500 words, explaining the educational and career path the applicant is pursuing. The winning essay may be published and the applicant, by his or her submission, waives any copyright or other intellectual property rights over the same.
  4. Verification of college enrollment and a 3.5 grade average.

Scholarship Guidelines

  1. Applicants must be a full time student at an Accredited College or University, or show proof they will be attending full time in the upcoming semester.
  2. Applicants may be related to an AFCCA member, in good standing. This membership can be an individual membership, employee of a firm that has a current membership or a dependent of a supplier member.
  3. Scholarships will be awarded at the sole discretion of the Board of Directors of the Arizona Funeral, Cemetery and Cremation Association. Awards will be based on evaluation of the required essay, the general professionalism of the submission, the letter of recommendation and perception of need. Essays must be typewritten and double-spaced with one-inch margins. Essays containing spelling, punctuation or grammatical errors will be subject to automatic disqualification.
  4. This is a scholarship and not a loan program. Scholarship awards will be paid directly to the student at graduation.
  5. Applications must be received by December 31st of each year.

Submit application online or mail a hard copy to:

2473 S. Higley Rd, Suite 104, PMB 309
Gilbert, AZ 85925
Fax: 480-535-5825

  • Name and location of Association Member you are dependent of.
  • • Letter from AFCCA Association Member • Cover Letter • Essay (not less than 1000 words) • Verification of College Enrollment • Verification of 3.5 GPA
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    Max. file size: 32 MB.