Gilbert Memorial Park Cemetery & Funeral Home Groundbreaking Ceremony

Congratulations to Bunker Family Funerals & Cremation and the Town of Gilbert on the groundbreaking of Gilbert’s first cemetery! Finally the most populated municipality in the country without a cemetery will no longer be the Town of Gilbert. 

In October 2015, Bunker Family responded to an RFP that Gilbert put out to partner on planning a combo location for the Town of Gilbert residents. Many citizens of the town loved their home and want it to be their final resting place, so there was a need.

January 2016, a formal partnership was established and plans for Gilbert Memorial Park began.

Working with of course Bunker Family Funeral Homes and the Town of Gilbert, they forged partnerships with Barduson Architects, Cemetery Planning Resource Alliance (CPRA), and Bowman Consulting to begin putting together an innovative design were Town of Gilbert citizens could come to reflect on their loved ones and feel renewed after their visit. The vision was for families to feel better after they leave when planning the final resting place for the loved ones and to be “Best in Class.”

Opening in Spring of 2019 on the Northwest Corner of Queen Creek Rd & 158th Street, this Funeral & Cemetery Combo will boast indoor and outdoor cremation options, a restoring cremation garden, in lawn options with both in ground and above ground markers, a funeral home on site with a reception center.

Congratulations to all involved and we look forward to watching this establishment grow and serve in Gilbert.