Dodge Establishes Exclusive Partnership with Glass Remembrance

Dodge and Glass Remembrance are pleased to announce a strategic partnership; one which will benefit not only funeral service practitioners, but their client families through glass keepsakes.

Glass Remembrance is an independently-owned company which was borne as a result of the events of 9-11 when its founder, Lee Guttentag, was rescued from amid the rubble of Tower 2 following its collapse. Rather than returning to her career in computer technology, she left New York and returned to Ohio to pursue her passion of art and glass blowing.

As a result of developing a professional relationship at funeral service trade shows and ensuring that due diligence practices are in place, The Dodge Company and Glass Remembrance have formed a strategic partnership. Combining Dodge’s sales force and Glass Remembrance’s design and fabrication abilities, allows them to seamlessly provide to funeral service professionals the best source available of artistic, meaningful remembrances of loved ones, which will be welcomed in any home.

Tim Collison, Vice President of Sales & Marketing states, “Dodge is privileged and fortunate to nationally market Glass Remembrance. The quality and artistic expression of their blown glass keepsakes is the finest in the funeral service market, and we look forward to introducing and representing them across the U.S.”

Lee Guttentag notes, “We are excited by our partnership with the Dodge Company because it will extend the reach of Glass Remembrances to even more families. Our glass memorials bring a measure of solace and comfort to grieving individuals. It is something tangible to hold on to and can always be with them.”

Coinciding with the announcement of the Glass Remembrance/Dodge partnership, Lee Guttentag has introduced the newest glass keepsake expression, the Skyward. Skyward is 9” high by 5 ½” wide. Skyward has an uplifting motion and it swirls around to form an incredibly beautiful sculptural piece. Bubble inclusions and iridescent glass throughout give the form a visual complexity which also makes the cremated remains less apparent. Iridescent upgrade already included.

The Skyward can be viewed on the Glass Remembrance website: and in person at the ICCFA and NFDA conventions.

Please contact your Dodge representative for further information and to see sample products.