MCOVR has a New Phone Number

MCOVR has a new phone number – 602-372-0535!

That’s it – just one number for all death registration related inquires. Starting immediately, toss out the old contact sheets and just call ONE number.

What happens when you call 602-372-0535?

You will be greeted by a message; Select 1 for funeral home. Next you will select one of six prompts to get you quickly to a Registrar:

Press “1” for Funeral Home partners and then select:

  • #1 – Cause of Death (COD)
  • #2 – Disposition Transit Permits (DTP)
  • #3 – Human Remains Release Form (HRRF)
  • #4 – Death Registration and Issuance
  • #5 – Non-Contagious/Contagious Disease Letter
  • #6 – Funeral Home charge accounts – Partner Financial Services (PFS)

That’s it! Just call one number.

Why did MCOVR change their telephone system?

In 2010, Maricopa County began upgrading the entire county telecommunications system; this month MCOVR was migrated to this new system and today, our new phone system went live.

What about all the old numbers we have for reaching the death registration unit?

We have that covered! Our new system will direct you quickly to the first available Registrar to answer your questions, assist you with fulfilling a charge account transaction, check on the status of a COD or permit or other questions you and your team may have.

What number do we give to families and customers?

Great question! Please continue to refer all customers to our 602-506-6805 and they will be assisted promptly. Also, our website, may answer some questions.

Thank you!