Decomposition Cleanup

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With temperatures rising, come more unattended death or better known as decomposition cleanup. These scenes must be service and treated by a company that specializes in Biohazard Cleanup


Decomposition presents challenges like bodily fluid release and unpleasant odors. Our urgent services are tailored to swiftly address these challenges . Our experienced team utilizes a custom designed mitigation process for effective biohazard removal, through cleaning, and odor remediation, rapidly restoring the affected space.

The emotional distress can be incredibly taxing when a family member or loved one passes away in a home alone. Calling Trauma Clean Solutions for professional remediation to safely cleanup the home will relieve you from such a traumatic and emotional experience. This will also ensure you get a processional death cleanup service.

Health hazards like bacteria and toxins develop after someone dies in a home. The hazards become health risks along with a host of bugs and fly’s.

We are well trained to perform death cleanup services, our onsite presence will ensure the cleanup is done to meet OHSA and a variety of other agencies guidelines. We will remove all biological hazards to make sure the home is free from any bloodborne pathogens and other toxins.

Our commitment is to support families and their loved ones during some of their most challenging times. We offer an initial assessment at no cost, providing families with options and guidance for professional cleanup services. In cases where insurance coverage is unavailable, we extend a discounted rate to referrals through the AFCCA. Working together, we can offer real assistance to those in need.