Congratulations MCC Mortuary Sciences Graduates!

MCC 2013On May 9th, 2013 at 10 AM, 29 MCC students will be graduating from the Mortuary Sciences Program and  on their way to becoming the amazing Funeral Service Professionals they have the potential to be.

Included in the graduates is Hallie Keating, who is the recipient of the AFCCA William Aaron Scholarship. You can read that article here.


Gilberto Jesus Aguilar

Niena Nicole Allen

Chloe Rose Burmood

Jason V. Carroll

Lincoln Stanley Crandall

Anthony J. Fajardo

Stevie Breanne Freeland

Whitney A. Furtado **

Amineh J. Hashem * **

Christina Marie Herberth **

Robert Hintz

Terri Hintz *

Brenda Rae Hon

Hallie Keating *

Lia Marie Keyser

Jonathon James Kragh

Stacey V. Luster

Zachary Ryan Mills

Stephanie Lynn Morris

Sandra Dee Parker

Elena Ivanova Pastrana

Heidi Lynn Reece **

Maureen Margaret Schirmer

Julianne M. Shimek

Sharon Rose Simonton **

Shannon Nicole Walker

Rachel L. Walton

Lula Grace Willis

Mama W. Yond

* Mu Sigma Alpha ** Phi Theta Kappa

The end of the ceremony will have all the students take the Funeral Service Oath:

Funeral Service Oath

I do solemnly swear by that which I hold most sacred;

That I shall be loyal to the Funeral Service Profession,

and just and generous to its members;

That I shall not let the constant relationship

and familiarity with death

give me cause to yield to carelessness

or to violate my obligation to society or to the dignity of my profession.

That I shall obey the Civil Laws;

That I shall not divulge professional confidences;

And that I shall be faithful to those 

who have placed their trust in me.

While I continue to keep this oath unviolated,

may it be granted to me to enjoy honor in 

my life and in my profession;

and may I be respected by all people for all time.

Congratulations Mesa Community College Mortuary Science Graduating Class of 2013!