Understanding Biohazard Cleanup: Navigating Trauma Scenes with Professional Care

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Many homeowners are unaware that their insurance policies typically include coverage for Biohazard Cleaning. This coverage is often found in the comprehensive section of the policy, categorized under medical emergencies. In instances of biohazard situations, such as those involving deceased individuals, the homeowner’s insurance policy generally covers the cost of professional biohazard cleanup and odor treatment for both the immediate area and, in most cases, the entire house if decomposition is involved.

What is a Biohazard Scene?

In the field of Trauma Cleaning, a biohazard scene is defined as any location contaminated with blood, urine, feces, other bodily fluids, or vomit. These substances pose a biological health risk, even in a dried state. Decomposition sites are particularly hazardous, as they can cause respiratory problems like coughing and wheezing. Flies attracted to such scenes can lay eggs, potentially spreading the contamination throughout a residence.

At Trauma Cleanup Solutions, our initial assessment provides comprehensive details necessary for initiating an insurance claim. It’s crucial to understand that cleaning up after a death is a task for trained professionals and should not be attempted by untrained individuals. We strongly advise family members to avoid the affected area to spare them from the emotional distress that can be caused by such scenes. When necessary, we assist in locating insurance documents if the situation is too overwhelming.

Our commitment is to support families and their loved ones during some of their most challenging times. We offer an initial assessment at no cost, providing families with options and guidance for professional cleanup services. In cases where insurance coverage is unavailable, we extend a discounted rate to referrals through the AFCCA. Working together, we can offer real assistance to those in need.

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