Social Media and the Death Care Industry

Everyone has now heard the necessities of businesses, yes even Funeral Homes, being on Social Media. More than ever, it is important for companies to create at least some presence on Social Media, as this is how Google considers rankings.

The more ties and links back to your website you can create, the higher your ranking in Google Search Results will be. This is great news for those who may not have the budget to pay for Google AdWords. Pointedly, it may not be necessary to do so either if you utilize platforms such as Google Plus, Facebook, Youtube and Twitter.

However, this leaves the question “I’ve set this all up…now what?”

At Convention 2013, one of our speakers, Ryan Thogmartin, will be presenting “Cutting Through the Hype: Social Media is Worthlesss.”

“What a minute, worthless? You just said….” Okay it’s not worthless. Ryan’s presentation will get  you the following information:

Are your customers’ really using social media and do they want to talk about your company? We will answer these questions as well as:

  • What is social media and why is it crucial for my business to embrace it?
  • There are thousands of social networks – What is right for my company?
  • Twitter, Facebook, Your Page My Page…What do these networks do and how are they different?
  • Getting started with social media: Goals, IDEAS and Metrics – Why social media needs a strategy process to be successful
  • Why social media is more about engaging and less about selling
  • Facebook Edgerank – Understanding this is a key factor in ‘reaching’ your audience.
  • Why Facebook Ads are a better investment than Google Adwords

To get you started and equipped with information before attending his seminar, you can read a few other articles written by Ryan Thogmartin. Soon you will be Social Media savvy and know how to use it appropriately in our industry!

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