Q&A With Lacy Robinson: What Can I Expect from “Intelligent Conversation 101?”

You may be wondering what an evening with Lacy Robinson discussing “Intelligent Conversation 101” will entail. Luckily, Lacy is more than happy to answer and all questions that may have come to mind.

Lacy, we’re looking forward to having you return to Arizona and speak to our group about how to communicate with the different generations.  I’m curious what sparked your interest in studying the generations?

I’ve always felt drawn to senior adults specifically The Greatest Generation.  Whether it was spending time with my great grandmother or volunteering at assisted living homes it was the qualities and life experiences of this generation that really made me take notice of just how much each generation contributes to our society and how older generations impact younger ones.

When you were here last you presented NFDA’s Arranger Training Program and gave some really great tips on how help traditionalists feel more comfortable in the arrangement conference.  Will you be sharing more of those ideas?

Absolutely!  I’ve had my eye on senior living communities that have transformed resident spaces into comfortable and aesthetically pleasing environments. There’s a lot of inspiration there for funeral homes to pull from.  Also, one of my favorite books is How to Say it to Seniors written by David Solie.  I’ll be sharing communication tips from Solie to help funeral directors better connect with their senior clients.

The baby boomer generation has long been a hot topic in funeral service.  Why do you think this generation is an important group of consumers funeral directors must pay attention to?

Great question, Heather!  Baby boomers appreciate great customer service and one one interaction.  They also are into doing research and making purchases online as well as using social media to connect with others.  In addition to that Baby boomers present a different set of ideas and wishes when it comes to funeral planning.  It’s important funeral directors help this generation know how creative their funeral home  can be in planning an end of life tribute that really captures the essence of their personalities.

Every year I look forward reading results from NFDA’s Consumer Awareness and Preference Survey.  Will you be sharing those insights with our group?

Like you Heather I look forward to reading those survey results!  There’s no better way to prepare in exceeding the expectation of clients than knowing exactly what they’re thinking when it comes to funeral planning.  I’ll be sharing with attendees specifics on funeral invites, non traditional funeral locations, celebrants and much more.  Giving my trend forecast based on those survey results leave know mystery to what funeral directors should expect from consumers.

For those of coming to hear you speak that missed the Arranger Training last year what would you like for them to know about the program?

That I pack a lot of information into one hour!  I like to see attendees with their phones out snapping pics of my slides and of course lots of note taking.  In addition to communication tips on each generation I’m going to share practical ideas and relevant resources funeral directors can implement immediately.  I’m all about helping funeral directors exceed the expectations of all family members.  Intelligent Communication 101 has been designed to help attendees elevate the level of customer service for funeral directors of all experience levels.

We hope that you can join us on Wednesday, March 13th with Lacy. We are so excited to offer this for our members and know that you will gain a lot of knowledge from this conversation.

Please register early, so that we can plan accordingly!

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