Our Thoughts and Prayers to those Affected in Newtown, CT

newtown_remembranceHello, I am Kurtis Lauffer, the President of the Arizona Funeral Cemetery and Crematory Association. On Friday December 14,  I, along with millions of people in Arizona and this great Nation were touched and saddened when we heard the news of what had happened in the small town of Newtown, Connecticut. Even though all the details and questions of why are still unknown, we do know that 20 first grade students and six brave adults had their lives taken from them.

I, as a parent and a leader in the Funeral Industry in Arizona, felt a great need to reach out the parents and families of those who are now suffering with prayers of hope.  We must unite together as a nation and humanity in general to recover and heal the wounds that are so deeply engraved in our hearts. We know that no words, gifts or acts of service take away the pain caused, but we would like those who were affected to know how close to our hearts they are.

Today is a day of remembrance; we will be holding our children tighter; reaching out to friends, family and neighbors; and giving thanks for the moments that we have together in this lifetime.

God bless you and be safe.