Becoming an AFCCA Member is Easier than Ever!

Why should you join the Arizona Funeral, Cemetery & Cremation Association?  Only you can answer that question for yourself.  But for me, education is why I joined the AFCCA.  For a long time, I knew that our great state had an association.  Beyond this, however, I had no real grasp of what the association did for our state and our industry.  I was curious and wanted to find out more. So, I started attending meetings as a guest, asking questions, becoming more involved, taking an active role in our association.  Eventually being elected to an office position; serving as a board member and current Vice President.

Doing this has provided me the opportunity to gain knowledge and insight regarding our industry and community that I did not previously have.  In addition to keeping up to and being in the “know” about legislation and current events which have effects and impact on all of us as industry professionals, the association has allowed me to further expand my networking potential!  Getting to know individuals and organizations which I had been previously unaware or unfamiliar with; developing new business relationships and friendships along the way.

Most importantly, becoming a part of our association has given me a voice.  It allows me the chance to address my opinions, thoughts, concerns surrounding our profession, while helping to shape the industry changing decisions that are being made.  It was the education that compelled me to join, but it is things like this that make me continue to be a part of our association year after year.  Now, with the availability of our newly redesigned website and its on-line registration, joining the association for the first time or renewing your membership is easier than ever.

– David Long, Vice President AFCCA

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