MCDPH Office of Vital Registration: What’s New in Death Registration/Issuance?

From the MCDPH Office of Vital Registration:

Arizona Department of Health Services Office of Vital Records (ADHS OVR) has disseminated the mandatory use of the new 2-Page Fillable Death Registration Worksheet.  Maricopa County Office of Vital Registration will begin enforcing the revised policy mandated to begin September 1, 2014.  Our mutual priority is to serve the community during times of grief and sorrow, maintain compliance and ensure use of the new death registration worksheet is utilized, as required.  Use of the new 2-Page worksheet will eliminate any delays in the registration process.

Another standard operating change is how we capture information in our customer service management system (CSMS) which is used to issue death certificates.  It is required we enter the funeral director’s name who is applying on behalf of the family for certified copies of death certificates.  The new application has been updated to include the director’s printed name to avoid delays in deciphering the signature.

Both these changes are outlined in the below.

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On August 6, 2014, the Arizona State Office of Vital Records (AZOVR) posted a message to VSIMS announcing the new mandatory fillable 2-page Death Registration Worksheet.  On September 1, 2014, Maricopa County Department of Public Health Office of Vital Registration (MCDPH-OVR) will no longer accept other variations of the Death Registration Worksheet in accordance with Vital Records Death 007_Use of Vital Record Death Worksheet Policy Revised 08-15-2014.

As you know, the death worksheet is a document used to collect all the demographic information on a decedent.  This includes signature confirmation from the informant and funeral director.  The death worksheet is a form available from the State Office of Vital Records and is also posted in the VSIMS – Electronic Death Registry System Funeral Home Support link.  The 2-page Death Registration Worksheet in either fillable form or handwritten form is acceptable in collecting the demographic information.

The death worksheet must be completed and all signatures obtained (funeral director and informant) before the record is electronically submitted to the county vital records office for registration.  The informant’s “date signed” field should list a date prior to the registration of the death record.  If the signatures of the funeral director or informant are not obtained on the death worksheet, the worksheet will be rejected and corrections to the records will not be processed.

All of us, county vital records offices and funeral home partners alike, must adhere to this AZOVR policy effective September 1, 2014.  As a result of this AZOVR revised policy and form, the MCDPH-OVR has revised its “Funeral Home Application for Certified Copies of Death Certificate” form in an effort to streamline the application process and maintain customer satisfaction. The new form will be posted to our Funeral Home Resource website and also distributed via email to our funeral home partners.

We value the opportunity to serve our community and partners. Like any organization we are continually adding to our family and you all may be experiencing the same.  We invite your establishments to reach out to our program if you have new staff members joining your organization who may want additional training or have questions regarding the death registration process.  If you would like to learn more about our program and what we can do to make it easier for your staff members during the learning phases, please reach out to Elizabeth Rabusa, our OVR Trainer, via email or call 602-506-6814.