Congratulations to 3 MCC Mortuary Science Student SCI Scholarship Recipients

Back Left to Right: Jill Caldwell and Sara Becker Front: Carol Harings
Back Left to Right: Jill Caldwell &  Sara Becker
Front: Carol Harings

SCI held their annual scholarship competition last week, April 15th -17th; three of our very own MCC Mortuary Science School students were chosen to attend.

Jill Caldwell, Sara Becker and Carol Harings flew out to stay at the Woodland’s Resort, with 27 other students from around the country to compete for fifteen $3,000 scholarships and fifteen $500 scholarships.

250 Mortuary Sciences students from around the country filled out applications beginning in September of 2014 to be considered for the top 30 spots. The process includes writing a 200-250 word personal statement answering pre-determined questions; providing transcripts proving a 2.5 GPA or higher; and submitting a 3-5 minute video verbally answering three questions.

Judging panels were created, consisting of 11-20 retired or semi-retired SCI Professionals, and submissions were reviewed beginning in January.

“Reviewing every submission is hard work,” says Committee Member William Aaron of Sun City, Arizona, “However, this program is a wonderful experience for both committee members and applicants. We are privileged to meet and get to know up and comers in the industry, and it gives students a chance to learn more about the company.”

The final phase of the SCI Scholarship competition was April 15-17, 2014. All 30 finalists were invited, all expenses paid, to meet and interview with the Company’s Selection Committee in Houston, TX. For 2 ½ days, four panels made up of 7-9 people interviewed each individual student. They were judged on their answers and eloquence; scores are calculated and averaged at the end of the sessions. The top 15 scores received $3000, applied directly to student loan or tuition balances. The remaining 15 also received a $500 award.

Jill Caldwell and Sara Becker each received $3000 and Carol Harings received a $500 scholarship. Congratulations to all three women for being selected to compete, Arizona is proud of your hard work and dedication to the Funeral Industry.

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