Congratulations Alexis Garbrick – Selected Independent Educational Trust Second-Career Scholarship Recipient

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The Board of Trustees of the Selected Educational Trust is proud to announce the recipients of the 2022 Fall Cycle Second-Career Scholarship Program. The winners are Alexis Garbrick and Kurtis Wilkinson.  This cycle of the Trust’s signature scholarship program is sponsored by the Davis Whitehall Company and was created to meet the educational needs of the increasing number of second-career professionals entering independent funeral service seeking positions as funeral directors, embalmers and future leaders.

Alexis Garbrick, enrolled in the Chandler Gilbert Community College in Chandler, AZ, will graduate in May 2023 and is committed to serving her community. Garbrick comes to the funeral service profession after working more than 3 years as an Emergency Medical Technician in Mesa, AZ.

“I truly believe the Second-Career Scholarship will be the most helpful in providing the financial assistance for my second career as a funeral director and embalmer,” said Garbrick. “My entire life, I always wanted to help; I was born to help. I was an advocate for each patient I came across [as an EMT] and for those who fought their last fight. From First Responder to Last Responder.”

Kurtis Wilkinson is set to graduate from Salt Lake Community College in May 2023. Wilkinson has spent the last 12 years building a career in higher education. “Working in funeral service has changed my life. It has allowed me to create life goals for myself that will not only allow me to work as a funeral director but to also be able to teach other students about this career opportunity in funeral service,” said Wilkinson. “I was meant to work in this field, and I understand that this is the career that I belong in.”

“It is the greatest fulfillment of the Trust’s mission, when we can continue to provide financial support in the form of educational scholarships to such deserving young professionals.” said Stefanie Favia, Senior Director of Development with the Selected Educational Trust. “We also want to thank Terry School of the Davis Whitehall Company for his generosity in sponsoring this scholarship program.”  continued Favia. “Without that support, these scholarships would not be possible.”

Since the award was first launched in late 2010, the Board of Trustees have awarded more than 50 Second-Career Scholarships to deserving individuals seeking a career in funeral service.

Second-Career Scholarships are awarded by the Selected Educational Trust to individuals who have chosen funeral service later in their career journey and currently are attending mortuary school. Applications open soon for the Spring 2023 Scholarship Cycle and will be due by May 31. Visit for more information, or contact Stefanie Favia.