AFCCA Supplier Member, Paradise Pictures, Receives Visual Search Patent

December 9, 2014 – Chico, California

On Tuesday December 9, 2014, Scott Neal, David Hopper and Paradise Pictures, LLC were awarded US patent # 8,909,670 titled IMAGE BASED METHOD OF PROVIDING MEMORIAL INFORMATION.

 The patent provides protection for a method of retrieving memorial information by solely taking a picture with a smart phone or other device of a memorial portrait on a headstone; crypt front door or niche and having the system return information related to a deceased person or animal.

Scott Neal, General Manager and Lead Inventor said “This technology will be an important and exciting future addition to the AdmiredLife online memorial system. We are working hard to continue adding value to our products and services while enriching the memorialization experience.”

Paradise Pictures, LLC is a leading memorial portrait supplier to the Memorialization industry. Their AdmiredLife online memorial system is challenging competitors with its ease of use, beautiful design and affordability.

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