AFCCA Advocacy Updates May 15 – SB1210

Yesterday, SB1210 passed unanimously out of the House. Prior to the vote, the bill was amended on the floor to include all of the amendments that we negotiated with the sponsor, and at this point all of our concerns have been addressed.  The most current version of the bill, that includes all of the amendments, can be viewed here—

Since the bill was amended in the House, it will have to receive a final vote in the Senate before it can be transmitted to the Governor for her signature. Importantly, since the bill passed unanimously in the House, and assuming it will have similar support in the Senate, it will become effective immediately upon signature, since the amended bill includes an “emergency clause.”  In order for the emergency clause to take effect, the bill must receive two-thirds support from both the House and the Senate.  If the bill doesn’t receive two-thirds support, the bill would go into effect on the general effective date for all legislation, which is 90 days after the legislature adjourns for the year.
As for the final vote in the Senate, that  won’t happen for a few weeks.  Yesterday, after completing the day’s business, lawmakers recessed until June 12.