AFCCA Advocacy Updates May 11 – SB1210

Today, May 11, Jake Hinman from AZ Capitol Consulting gave a report to the Board of Directors on SB1210, which has come come a really long way from where we started almost 18 months ago. With the upcoming amendment, everything w we have asked for is put back in the bill:

  • Education requirements
  • Testing requirement
  • Requirement to embalm 25 bodies to receive embalmer license
  • Requirement to  arrange 25 funerals to receive Funeral Director license.

The proposed amendment will also open up  the ability to allow an authorized employee provide the price list, vs a licensed funeral director. Other amendments from AZDHS concerning the licensing fees will write that existing amounts will remain in place until the rulemaking process is complete, which is usually a 2 year process. This should provide some assurity for the next two years of how much licenses will cost.

SB1210S__engrossed house amendment

While not announced officially yet, SB1210 is rumored to be on the House agenda for Monday, May 15, 2023. We have all reasons to believe that this bill will pass through. The Governor’s office has reviewed the language and is happy with the amendments. The interested parties from both the Democrats and the Republicans are on board with the amendments, so we have bipartisan support. After Monday’s vote, the bill will move to the Governor’s desk for signature, and then it will be in effect 90 days after the Legislature closes business for the Regular Session (sine die).

Please continue to renew your licenses as you have in the past. For updates on the past 18 months of legislation, we will give a full report at the Annual Conference Business Meeting on June 21, 2023. Please join us!

Next steps to be aware of and participate in would be the rule-making process when that begins most likely in January.