AFCCA Advocacy Updates April 11, 2024

The Arizona legislature recently passed two bills that will impact the Funeral Profession in Arizona, HB2140 and HB2081, both of which have successfully navigated through the House and Senate. As of April 10, 2024, these legislative measures have received the Governor’s signature,.

A Closer Look at HB2140

HB2140 makes various changes to the statutes governing funeral industry professionals, licensure and regulations in attempt to clean up legislative moves in 2023 around licensure, education and the sun setting of the State Board for Funeral Directors and Embalmers. This bill has clean up languageĀ around licensing & fees, definition of Pathway to Licensure, Embalmer’s Asssitant clarification and more. Read full list here.

Understanding HB2081

HB2081 adds natural organic reduction as a statutorily allowed method of cremation and modifies the definitions of cremation, cremated remains and processed cremated remains.

What This Means for Licensed Professionals

The passage of HB2140 and HB2081 signifies a new era for professionals in Arizona, necessitating a thorough understanding of the changes and adjustments required. To facilitate this, the Arizona State Department is taking an active role in disseminating information and engaging with stakeholders.

Upcoming Annual Conference

The State Department, alongside Courtney Levinus, who plays a crucial role in advocating on behalf of AFCCA members, will be present at the upcoming annual conference business meeting. This meeting will serve as a prime opportunity for members to receive comprehensive updates on both bills. Furthermore, it will be a platform for addressing any concerns or queries related to the new legislation.