2019 CGCC Mortuary Science Graduation and Scholarship Presentations

May 9, 2019 – 31 new Mortuary Graduates from Chandler Gilbert Community College proudly took the Funeral Service Oath and officially entered into the field. Congratulations to each and every one of these students and for what they accomplished.

AFCCA William Aaron Scholarship Presentation

The AFCCA is dedicated to promoting the further development of professional, ethical, responsive death care providers that are a credit to the industry. This is why the  William Aaron Scholarship Program was created for current Mortuary Science students at Chandler Gilbert Community College.

Each year, AFCCA offers a $1000 scholarship to a student who demonstrates potential industry leadership, passion and dedication.

Applicants that meet set criteria are asked to submit an essay on “Why They Want to be a Funeral Director.” A scholarship committee, made up of board members, reviews all applications and chooses the student that best reflects professionalism, ethical actions and has a passion for the industry.

At the May 9th Graduation, on behalf of the scholarship committee and AFCCA Board of Directors, President Amie Gazda, Vice President Ethan Bueler and Executive Director Heather Long were pleased to announce and present the 2019 William Aaron Scholarship to Mandy Dalton.

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The Dodge Award

When the Dodge Company was founded over 125 years ago, A.J. Dodge travelled the country selling, and teaching embalmers how to use the embalming chemicals of the day.

The Dodge award is presented to students who show outstanding scholastic achievement in the subjects of embalming and restorative arts. The Dodge company has always placed education at the forefront of our profession, and education and continuing education, we feel is paramount to the future of our profession.

2019 was unique in that they couldn’t narrow it down to one recipient ,therefore the Dodge award was presented to both Mandi Dalton and Michelle Nicole Masi, congratulations on this prestigious award. Thank you to our Arizona Rep, Rory McKeown for making this award available.


Recognition of SCI Scholarship Finalists

Each year SCI offers Mortuary Science students from around the country the opportunity to apply for a competitive scholarship program that awards 30 students scholarships totaling $80,000. The process includes writing a 200-250 word personal statement answering pre-determined questions; providing transcripts proving a 2.5 GPA or higher; and submitting a 3-5 minute video verbally answering three questions.

The SCI Scholarship committee narrows it down to 50 finalists, with the top 15 students invited to meet and interview with the Company’s Selection Committee in Houston, TX, for final interviews before winning selections are made (all travel and meal expenses paid).

For the 2019 Scholarship Program, 6 CGCC Students received an SCI scholarship: Congratulations to Isabel Burbach, Mandi Dalton, Nicole Hall, Cipriana Krier, Paloma Melgoza, Estafani Reyes Velis and Jayde Tucker.

Mu Sigma Alpha

Four students, top 10% of their class, were inducted into Mu Sigma Alpha by Dr. Thomas Taggert. Congratulations to Mandi Dalton, Cipriana Krier, Melissa Richardson and Jayde Tucker.