2015 William Aaron Scholarship Recipient

The AFCCA is dedicated to promoting the further development of professional, ethical, responsive death care providers that are a credit to the industry. This is why the  William Aaron Scholarship Program was created for current Mortuary Science students at Mesa Community College.

Each year, AFCCA offers a scholarship to a 2nd year student, with a B or better grade point average. The scholarship is valued at $1,000.

Applicants that meet the criteria are asked to submit an essay on “Why They Want to be a Funeral Director.” A scholarship committee, made up of board members, reviews all applications and chooses the student that best reflects professionalism, ethical actions and has a passion for the industry.

Wednesday, February 18, President David Long, Vice President Paul Neville and Secretary Amie Gazda announced this years winner of the $1000 scholarship as Denise Horton. They paid a visit out to the Mortuary Sciences College in Mesa to share the great news.

Denise was exposed to the Mortuary Program by a Mesa Public Schools coworker, who went through the program in 2001-02. As she watched and followed her through the process, and was especially intrigued by the restorative arts class, she knew then that this was what she wanted to do as a career. After a few set backs, Denise was able to begin classes in 2009 while working full time and raising four children. In 2010, she lost all hearing in her right ear and suffered from vertigo and tinnitus, but in spite of this, she continued with her education and was accepted into the Mortuary Science Program in 2014. 

Denise knew she wanted to help and serve families, while also doing her part to better the funeral industry, after experiencing her own traumatic situation with a Funeral Home in another state. As she was researching the Funeral Industry and preparing for her own career, she knew there was much more that the Funeral Home that was serving her family could have done to help. She understands that being a successful funeral director takes long hours and a lot of footwork; and she looks forward to serving and changing the lives of the families she comes in contact with.

Congratulations again to Denise!