Well Attended Evening with Lacy Robinson

The AFCCA Board of Directors is so happy to have seen such a positive response to the “Evening with Lacy Robinson” on March 13th. We had over 70 attendees come to mix, mingle and learn that night. We are committed to offering more opportunities such as this seminar in the future, we hope that you find value in them and continue to attend!

A special thank you to AFCCA President, Amie Gazda and the staff at Green Acres Mortuary & Cemetery for hosting. Thank you to Liz Zeig and Caroline Van Dine with PBF MFG (AFCCA Gold Member) for assisting in the registration and set up of the event.

Lacy, as always, was engaging, entertaining, and educational. Here are some key take-aways that we felt were important:

  • “Everyone who was touched by the life lived is your customer.”
  • Traditionalists – Words matter (“value, quality, security, satisfaction”), give meaning, appeal to their nostalgia.
  • Baby Boomers – Likes themes & packages, want high efficiency and for you to put on a performance, internet savvy.
  • Gen X – Often overlooked, skeptical and will have questions, focused on family, budget conscious.
  • Millennials – Uncertain of their roles, full of ideas, least religious.
  • Gen Z (children) – Provide choices, be open and honest, help parents get kids involved at a level they’re comfortable with.
  • Trends – formal invitations, venue packages (ie sports centers, parks, country clubs, resorts and hotels, preferred partners), non-traditional and in-home funerals
  • Books to Read – The Party of Your Life, Funerals Without God, Heartfelt Memorial Services, The Perfect Strangers Guide to Funerals and Grieving, How to Say It To Seniors, Remembering Well, Youth & Funerals (free at http://www.funeralservicefoundation.org/resources/youth-and-funerals/).

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What other events would you like to see in the future, email director @ azfcca.org!