From MCDPH/Office of Vital Registration: Non-Contagious Disease Letter Requests

Due to a high volume of Non-Contagious Disease Letter Requests, the MCDPH Office of Vital Registration has put forth this letter to review the process and share some important points to remember when requesting this letter.

Download the letter from MCDPH: Non-Contagious Disease Letter Request


  • If it is determined that a Non-Contagious Disease Letter is required, please notify the Medical Certification and Disposition Unit as soon as possible. This will allow sufficient time for staff to create the letter and obtain a signature from a Public Health Physician.
  • Once the letter is signed, notarized and ready for pick-up, a follow up call will be placed to the Funeral Home making the request.
  • All letters must be picked up from the main office location.

It is important to note:

  • All letters must be signed by one of three Public Health Physicians. If they cannot be reached, then the letter cannot be completed until one is available. Once a physician is reached, a Maricopa County Vital Registrar must physically transport the letter to the physician for completion. Once signed, the Vital Registrar must transport the letter back to our main location for processing and completion. Because of the time it may take to reach a physician and time for transportation, we cannot guarantee the letter will be ready for pick-up the same day the request was made. All attempts to do so will be made.
  • When making the request for the letter, please keep in mind that the letter cannot be initiated until a sufficient cause of death has been received and completed by our office.
  • If the decedent’s death was certified by the Office of the Medical Examiner, you must contact their office to request a Non-Contagious Disease letter as Public Health physicians can only attest to non-Medical Examiner cases.