May 20 Advocacy Update: Capitol Consulting Legislative Update

Day 131 – We are happy to report that on Wednesday, HB2123: FUNERALS; REGULATION; CONTINUATION, unanimously passed the full Senate by a vote of 25-0-5. The bill is now being transmitted to the House for concurrence. Once the House concurs with the amendments, it will then receive a final vote in the House. We will continue to meet with House members to explain the importance of the bill.

As for Rep. Michelle Udall’s (LD-25) HB2024: ALKALINE HYDROLYSIS; FACILITIES; OPERATORS; LICENSURE, the bill that establishes regulation and licensure requirements for alkaline hydrolysis facilities and operators, HB2024 has been scheduled for a hearing in the Senate Rules Committee on Monday.

The Capitol continues to be in a budget deadlock, though this week did see an uptick in bills placed on the Calendar for final votes. However, this week’s headlines were certainly more focused on individual members.

On Monday, the Senate voted 24-3 to launch an ethics investigation into Sen. Wendy Rogers (LD-6) after she posted controversial comments regarding the Buffalo shooting last weekend. This ethics inquiry comes after Rogers was censured for other controversial comments nearly two months ago.

On Tuesday, Representatives Jake Hoffman (LD-12) and Jacqueline Parker (LD-16) were criticized for leaving the Capitol after a vote was called on several election-related bills, prompting the Speaker to reschedule votes for Wednesday. The bills still failed on Wednesday due to the excused absences of members of the majority party.

Senator TJ Shope (LD-8) also filed an ethics complaint against Sen. Juan Mendez (LD-26) this week for his continued absences from the Capitol. Mendez, who has only appeared in-person a handful of times at the capitol this session, accused Shope of retaliation for the vote against Rogers.

Mendez, and his wife Rep. Athena Salman (LD-26) have remained almost completely absent from the Capitol, as to prevent their newborn child from being exposed to COVID-19, citing personal health reasons and doctors notes as justification for their excused absences.

AFCCA Bill Monitoring


Summary: The powers and duties of the State Board of Funeral Directors and Embalmers are expanded to include licensing and regulation of “alkaline hydrolysis facilities” and “alkaline hydrolysis operators” (both defined). Fees for an alkaline hydrolysis facility license or interim permit and for an alkaline hydrolysis operator license are in an amount to be determined by the Board. A person is prohibited from advertising or operating an alkaline hydrolysis facility without first obtaining an alkaline hydrolysis facility license issued by the board. Requirements for licensure for alkaline hydrolysis facilities and operators are specified. Licenses are nontransferable. Also, it is a class 2 (mid-level) misdemeanor for a person licensed by the Board to place human remains of one person, whether inside or outside of a container, in a location that is on top of human remains of another person.

AFCCA Position: No position

Passed Senate Commerce Committee by a 6-1-2 vote on 3/23/2022
Amended, then passed House floor by a 51-8-1 vote on 2/23/2022
Approved by House Rules Committee on 2/21/2022
Amended, then passed in House Health and Human Services Committee by a 9-0 vote on 1/31/2022
Introduced on 1/12/2022


Summary: Establishes the Adult Workforce Diploma Program within the State Board of Education (SBE) to assist a person who is at least 21 years of age in earning a high school diploma and preparing for employment. By August 15 of each year, SBE is required to issue a request for qualifications for eligible program providers to participate in the Program. Establishes a list of requirements for program providers. By October 15 of each year, SBE is required to approve all qualified program providers, and approved providers must begin enrolling students by November 15 of each year. By July 1, 2024, SBE is required to adopt performance expectations to evaluate providers and a performance funding model. Establishes a payment model for FY2022-23. Appropriates $6 million from the general fund in each of FY2022-23 and FY2023-24 to the Program Fund.

AFCCA Position: No position

Approved by Senate Rules Committee on 4/19/2022
Amended, then passed in Senate Appropriations Committee on 4/4/2022
Passed in Senate Education Committee on 3/8/2022
Amended in COW, then passed House floor by a 44-15-1 vote on 2/23/2022
Passed House Rules Committee on 2/22/2022
Withdrawn from House Appropriations Committee on 2/14/2022
Amended, then passed in House Education Committee on 2/9/2022
Introduced on 1/24/2022