ICCFA Music License for AFCCA Members

We are pleased to inform you that your membership in the Arizona Funeral, Cemetery and Cremation Association now entitles your company to music licensing with ASCAP, BMI and SESAC for only $258 for the 2014 calendar year. If you have not already purchased or renewed your ICCFA Music License for 2012, simply complete the 2014 Music License Application and return it to ICCFA with payment, and your music license requirement for 2014 will be covered. Please note that the $258 price will be in effect until January 25, 2014.  After January 25, the price increases to $270 per location.

Please contact director@azfcca.org for a copy of the application.

Music licensing is the law, and failure to obtain a license where one is required can be costly: Copyright law provides for damages similar to fines of up to $30,000 for each song that is infringed.  If your cemetery, regardless of size, hosts performances of copyrighted music – whether the music is performed live or played from recordings – music copyright owners say you are legally required to pay an annual licensing fee.

As a partner in the Music License Coalition, AFCCA now provides our member companies the opportunity to be in full compliance with the law and ensure you are covered for any music a client family might request.  Licensing directly with the agencies this year would cost nearly $600 per location, so the Coalition price, which requires no additional membership fee, is still the lowest available in the funeral industry.

The Music License Coalition is a partnership of numerous associations representing the cemetery, cremation and funeral service industry and administered by the International Cemetery, Cremation and Funeral Association. Its goal is simply to continue to attract more licensees, thereby increasing compliance within the profession and qualifying for even bigger volume discounts in the future – so your company can save even more money!

Please note that if you receive another 2014 Music License Coalition Renewal notice for $258 licensing from another Coalition organization, you only need to pay once and you can simply remit payment with whichever invoice you choose.  Some cemeteries may be on more than one Music License Coalition partner membership list.  As long as you pay the low $258 fee for each location where music is played, you can rest assured your company will be covered with ASCAP, BMI and SESAC for 2014.

If you have any questions, please call ICCFA at 480.649.1144.