Funeral Escort Company Selection Best Practices

In order to protect your funeral home and your customers during a funeral procession, here are some things to ask when selecting a Funeral Escort Company.

  • What type of training and/or certification are escort drivers required to have before escorting a Funeral Procession?
  • Are the vehicles used company owned?
    • Escort Company owned vehicles are more likely to be covered by the appropriate insurance
  • What type of insurance does the Escort Company carry for the vehicles used?
    • Look for commercial auto insurance with at least a $500,000/$1,000,000 coverage per car, a $1/2M general liability policy and also a $3M umbrella policy.
  • Will the Escort Company list your funeral home on the certificate of insurance?
    • Escort Company should agree to maintain insurance coverage and furnish the Funeral Home with certificates evidencing the existence of such coverages.  Escort Company should furnish Funeral Home with certificates of renewal prior to the policy expiration.
  • Does the Escort Company perform Driver Record Checks?
    • Escort Company should currently review the motor vehicle records of its employed drivers of vehicles.  No employee that is deemed to have an unacceptable driving record should be allowed to drive vehicles regarding services provided for Funeral Home by Escort Company.
  • Does the Escort Company provide an Indemnity Agreement?
    • Escort Company should agree to indemnify, release, defend and hold harmless Funeral Home, its employees from any and all loss, damages, liability or causes of action (including attorney’s fees and expenses of litigation) in connection with the services provided by Escort Company
  • Do the Escort Company’s vehicles have 360-degree light bars permanently attached to the car?
  • Do the vehicles have “FUNERAL ESCORT” clearly and permanently marked on the vehicles in 5-inch lettering?
  • What are the uniforms that the drivers wear?
    • Recommended: Basic uniform with Funeral Escort, First Initial and Last Name on chest or sleeve.

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