Crematory Operators Training

Crematory Operators Training

AFCCA will not be providing an option for a Crematory Operators Training in Arizona in 2020. We will work on a future opportunity for 2021.


NFDA and CANA offer both Virtual Options and in-person trainings.


In this increasingly competitive and litigious environment, possessing qualifications that set you apart from the rest of the industry is critical. The CANA Crematory Operations Certification Program™ (COCP™) is the mark of distinction. It ensures that you and your employees have the most current crematory operations training available in the industry and provides proof to the public of your commitment to safe cremation practices that demonstrate the utmost respect and caring for their loved ones. The content of this course is designed to increase your understanding of crematory operations and will provide you with a solid overview of best practices related to cremation. This training complements on-the-job training and machine-specific training you might receive. While this training will not guarantee you will get a job, it looks great on a resume.

The Cremation Association of North America (CANA) was the first to offer Crematory Operator Certification more than 30 years ago and continues to be the market leader in cremation certification and training. Many states and provinces have now instituted training requirements for crematory operators and have selected CANA’s COCP as their official training program.

AFCCA members qualify for the member pricing – a $100 savings – email Barbara for more information

The recognized certification standard for funeral service professionals

Cremation litigation is on the rise. Protect your firm through cremation due diligence practices and provide your families with the best cremation service possible.

This program offers a must-have certification for everyone offering cremation to the families they serve. Whether you currently own or operate a crematory, are thinking of opening one, or want to evaluate a third-party crematory, this training is necessary for your success. 

The recognized certification standard for funeral service professionals, NFDA’s Cremation Certification Program covers best practices for safe, proper, and ethical crematory operations, excellence in service to cremation families, and much more. APFSP and many state funeral licensing boards approve NFDA Cremation Certification seminars for 7 CE hours; some state approval hours may vary. NFDA has applied for approval as a crematory operator certification training provider in states mandating operator certification; laws regulating crematory operations and certification vary by state. Certain states mandate that individuals must meet additional criteria to qualify and practice as certified crematory operators in those states; it is your responsibility to verify that you meet all operator certification in your state.