Covid-19 Vaccine Updates

Updates as of 3/3/2021 

SPECIAL UPDATE: AZ just announced that it will do away with numbered phases and switch to a hybrid age-based distribution model. Currently they are still in 65+. When they hit 55% vaccination in that age group, they move to 55+.

It’s important to let your friends & family know to schedule their appointment when their age group pops up so we can quickly move to next vaccine stage. The state will work with high-risk employers individually to vaccinate your employees. If you are still unable to get a vaccine and would like us to reach out on your behalf, please email

AZ Central News Article on hybrid age-based distribution model

Note from the Office of Governor Doug Ducey:
We understand that funeral workers play an important role and my understanding is that funeral workers are in priority group 1B as essential workers. We are expecting over 350,000 doses by the end of December which will cover much of priority group 1A (health care workers and residents of long term care facilities) so we should be vaccinating people in group 1B early in the new year. Priority group 1A is limited to healthcare workers who have the greatest risk of exposure and long term care facilities which house the most vulnerable. 

Funeral Home Verification of Employment for COVID Vaccination Purposes

NFDA has provided a form that funeral homes can use to verify employment for their employees who are getting priority vaccinations. Some states may require the funeral home to verify employment in order for the employee to receive the vaccination, this form can be that verification. It will be on the NFDA website under legal documents/employment. Remember you will need to be logged in to access the document below.
AZDHS is requiring some sort of employment verification at the vaccine pods, so this form may be helpful for your staff to use.

Vaccination Standby List

Vaccination locations sometimes have unused, extra doses of COVID vaccine they must either use or throw out. We give providers like pharmacies or clinics with leftover doses a way to reach nearby people looking to get vaccinated on a moment’s notice.

No wasted vaccine. No hours-long lines. Verified providers.

Join the Standby List

Issues with Scheduling Second Dose

We understand that many vaccine pods are now scheduling your second dose right after your first dose, but many of you who received your vaccine earlier on may be having issues scheduling your second dose. The biggest advice is to check back for appointments frequently. There have been instances where a date says there are no appointments available, but three hours later there plenty of appointments listed for the same date.

Also, do not fret the timing of your second dose too much. The FDA has stated that spacing doses a little farther apart may not hurt. And on Jan. 21, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said it’s okay to receive a second vaccine dose as many as four days early, or 42 days after the first dose. Neither agency has much data on what extra time between shots does to the vaccines’ effectiveness, but the CDC considers it a “permissible risk.” What is important is that both doses come from the same manufacturer.

Arizona Department of Health 

To reserve shots for your entire firm, you can register through this link:

Preregister for your county and schedule an appointment through the AZDHS Vaccine Portal:

If they have appointments and vaccines available in your area, you will be able to schedule an appointment. If a location does not appear, you may need to hit search a few times to refresh the page. Check back frequently for appointments to open up.

Please keep in mind that each county is in different sections of their phases, see county updates below.

No description available.

Apache County

*Vaccinating Phase 1A-1C (65 and Older)

Health department website:

Register at 

Cochise County

*Vaccinating Phase 1A & 1B 

Individuals in Phase 1B may pre-register here.

*Update on phases available at

Coconino County

*Currently Vaccinating Phase 1A & 1B – You may also book an appointment at the State Farm Stadium in Glendale or the Phoenix Municipal Stadium in Phoenix.

Updates on phases available at

Register for vaccine at:

Gila County

*Currently Vaccinating Phase 1A-1C and Phase 2

Register for vaccine at

*Updates on phases and vaccination information available at

Graham County

*Currently Vaccinating 65 and Older

Updates available at 

Greenlee County

*Currently Vaccinating Phase 1A  and Prioritized 1B

Updates available at

La Paz County

*Currently Vaccinating 65 and Older (moving to 55+ on March 11)

Updates available at:

Maricopa County

*Currently Vaccinating Phase 1A & 1B (55 and Older)

Mohave County

*Currently Vaccinating Phase 1A & Partial 1B

Updates on phases available at :

Navajo County

*Currently Vaccinating Phase 1A & 1B

Updates on phases and appointment requests at

Pima County

*Currently Vaccinating Phase 1A and Priority 1B (65 and older)

Pima county updates:

1B Employees Register for your Vaccine here:

Pinal County

*Currently Vaccinating Phase 1A & 1B-1

Santa Cruz County

*Currently Vaccinating Phase 1A & 1B

Updates on phases available at

Yavapai County

*Currently Vaccinating Phase 1A  and 1B

Register for the vaccine at

Updates on phases available at

Yuma County

*Currently Vaccinating Phase 1A and Prioritized 1B

Updates on phases available at

Registration portal:

Other Resources
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