April 1, 2022 Advocacy Update: HB2123 Striker Language Adopted

Good Afternoon,

Please accept my heartfelt thanks for your support of me as the AFCCA President.  I have and always will support the best interests of the funeral profession.  

Your AFCCA board of directors has had the opportunity to present the best of themselves and made a contribution toward meaningful dialogue.  Being present and being heard is the only way change is made. 

Today, through a continuing resolution, the Arizona State Senate, specifically the appropriations committee, Unanimously agreed to keep the Arizona State Board of Funeral Directors and Embalmers functioning for one more year.  In this next year, the language of the new bill will be worked through so that oversight and consumer protections exist beyond the July 1, 2022 sunset  date.  If this had not been agreed to, the AZ Board and all legal authority associated would have ceased on the sunset date.   

The AFCCA will work tirelessly with a new lobbyist and current and new board members to ensure that our professional interests are met.  I am asking you to please stay involved and active as this next year of negotiations and conversations is vital to all with vested interest in the future of our shared profession.  Your patience and voice are heard and we will always do what is best for our profession.   

For all who care for  the funeral service profession, we thank you and look forward to working together.  

Joseph Stone
AFCCA President

Arizona Board of Funeral Directors and Embalmers Continuation Bill Update
HB2123 strike everything language was adopted yesterday in the Senate appropriations committee as a continuation bill with the new language of sunsetting the Arizona Board of Funeral Directors of Embalmers by March 31, 2023. Among the Senators in the hearing, there were concerns that arose that this seems dangerous, and it was suggested to give more time. This gives us hope, however it will be imperative to continue reaching out as constituents to your own Senators and House Representatives, as well the members of the Senate Rules Committee.
Senate Rules is where this bill will head to next and we will communicate when it is added to an agenda as soon as we are aware. Senate Rules Committee generally meets on Mondays and Thursdays, however there is not an agenda added to Monday as of yet, so tentatively plan for Thursday.
You may use this website to find your legislative district’s representatives: https://www.azleg.gov/findmylegislator/ or reach out to director@azfcca.org for assistance. Make sure you let them know you are a constituent, as that has the most weight when communicating to our legislators. It is important to note that we are in support of the Continuation of the Arizona Board of Funeral Directors and Embalmers, and we are opposed of changing the language from “license” to “registered”.
Secondly, communicate your passion for the profession, why you became a licensed funeral director and embalmer, any stories you have of consumers protected by the state board, why you as a funeral professional believe the state board is important, and any other personal stories you may have.
It is very important to flood their inboxes and voicemails with our concern. Be respectful and appreciative of the work our legislators do for our state. We want to make sure we create a relationship with each of this members of the Senate and the House of Representatives.
As mentioned above, the next stop for HB2123 is the Senate Rules Committee. The members of this committee are:
• Lela Alston – lalston@azleg.gov • (602) 926-5829
• Martin Quezada – mquezada@azleg.gov • (602) 926-5911
• Rebecca Rios – rrios@azleg.gov • (602) 926-5911
• Karen Fann Chair – kfann@azleg.gov • (602) 926-5874
• Rick Gray Vice-Chair – rgray@azleg.gov • (602) 926-5413
• Sonny Borrelli – sborrelli@azleg.gov • (602) 926-5051
• Vince Leach – vleach@azleg.gov • (602) 926-3106
Another update on HB2024; Alkaline hydrolysis; facilities; operators; licensure
This bill has also been moved to the Senate Rules Committee, and I would assume that it will be on the same agenda as HB2123.