AFCCA Advocacy Updates February 27 – HB2140

As of February 26, HB2140 continues to move through the Senate, and you can review the latest version via this link: House Engrossed Version – HB2140. However, it seems we’ll need to make some adjustments, according to the Senate President’s guidance.
HB2140 has been assigned to the Senate Finance and Commerce Committee, and Courtney LeVinus (AZ Capitol Consulting) intends to  engage with committee members and brief them on the importance of this legislation.
In recent communications with Senate President Warren Petersen and Grant Hanna, Deputy Chief of Staff of the Arizona State Senate, it has become clear that there are specific areas where amendments are necessary. The Senate President is opposed to increasing the inspection frequency to every two years from the current five year. He is also against the idea of Alkaline being treated as a separate license.
Regarding the Alkaline aspect, it has been suggested that we revisit this issue in the future when there are licensees actively operating or considering an alkaline process.
Grant Hanna’s team is currently working on the necessary amendments, which will be shared with us as soon as they’re available.
Additionally, we’ve requested Senator Mesnard to schedule a meeting for next week with the Senate Finance & Commerce Committee, which convenes on Monday afternoon.
We urge all advocates to stay informed and engaged as we navigate these important developments. Your support and involvement are vital to the success of HB2140.
Please be sure to reach out with any questions or if there are any additional thoughts regarding HB2140