Acknowledging the Potential of Holiday Blues: Practical Tips to Survive & Thrive – A Video from Dr. Wolfelt

Originally posted on the NFDA Website

Dr. Alan Wolfelt has created a special video that provides practical counsel to assist people in maintaining their mental health wellness during the holidays. Best of all, Dr. Wolfelt is making this video available to you at no cost.

While the holidays can result in joy, they can also result in conflicts within your family, illustrate differences between generations, and sometimes between spouses and significant others. Dr. Wolfelt’s video provides practical tips to not only survive any potential holidays blues, but also outline some ways you can potentially thrive.

Ideas for using the video: 

  • Embed the video on your website
  • Share the video via email with families you have served
  • Share the video on social media
  • Show the video as part of your funeral home’s holiday service of remembrance
  • And more!

You can find the video here: