54th Arizona Legislature – First Regular Session 2019 Legislative Report

The First Regular Session of the 54th  Arizona Legislature adjourned sine die on Tuesday, May 28th  2019  at 12:58 a.m. the session lasting 134 days. This session both the Senate and the House of Representatives had new leadership with Senator Karen Fann serving as the Senate President and Representative Rusty Bowers serving as the Speaker of the House. The majority margins also narrowed this session with the House with 31 Republicans and 29 Democrats. The Senate with 17 Republicans and 13 Democrats.

After several weeks of budget discussions, the legislature passed and the Governor signed an $11.8 budget deal.  This represented nearly a billion in new spending over last year’s budget. The budget added another 5% raise for teachers to cover Governor Ducey’s 20% percent raise by 2020 passed in the previous session.

54th  Regular Session Overview

  • 1,318 bills were introduced
  • 331 bills were passed by the Legislature and sent to the Governor­­­
  • ­­320 bills were signed
  • 11 were vetoed
  • 100 memorials and resolutions were introduced
  • 24 memorials and resolutions passed and were sent to the Secretary of State
  • General effective date of all enactments without an emergency clause is August 27, 2019

On behalf of the Law Offices of John K. Mangum, P.C. we appreciate the opportunity to serve you at the Arizona Legislature and we are looking forward to preparing for the 2020 legislative session. Listed in the “Appendix” is the final legislative update.  This report summarizes all legislative action to all bills we monitored on your behalf this session.  Please note that all bills that were used as “striker” bills have been eliminated if the current subject matter is no longer applicable to your interests.  Therefore, the final legislative report details legislation that is pertinent to your interests.  In addition, attached is a list of general business-related bills for your review. If you would like copies of legislation in its final form, copies are available at www.azleg.state.az.us or you may contact our office.  If you have any questions relating to the report, please call us and we will be happy to assist you.