2018 Arizona Midterm Election Overview


Governor – Doug Ducey (R)

Ducey 56%   Garcia 41.8%

Term Expires: 2022

Attorney General – Marc Brnovich (R)

Brnovich 51.8%  Contreras 48.2%

Term Expires:2022

State Treasurer –  Kimberly Yee (R)

Yee 54.3%  Manoil 45.7%

Term expires 2026

Mine Inspector –  Joe Hart (R)

Hart 51.8%  Pierce 48.2%

Term expires 2022

Secretary of State  – Katie Hobbs (D) 

Gaynor 49.6%  Hobbs 50.4%

Term expires 2022

Superintendent of Public Instruction – Kathy Hoffman (D)

Riggs 48.5%  Hoffman 51.5%

Term expires 2022

US Senate

Krysten Sinema (D)

McSally 47.66%   Sinema 49.93%

Term expires 2024

Congressional Districts Winners

D1- Tom O’Halleran (D)

D2-Ann Kirkpatrick (D)

D3-Raúl Grijalva (D)

D4-Paul Gosar (R)

D5- Andy Biggs (R)

D6-David Schweikert (R)

D7-Ruben Gallego (D)

D8- Debbie Lesko (R)

D9-Greg Stanton (D)


House:   __31___Republicans / __29___Democrats / __0___ Independents

Senate:  __17___Republicans /__13___ Democrats / ___0__ Independents

Key Ballot Issues and Outcome:


Prop 126 passed which bans taxes on services.

Prop 127 failed relating to energy issues.

House and Senate Majority Leaders

Both the House and Senate Majorities have elected new leadership.  They are as follows:


President Karen Fann
Majority Leader Rick Gray
Majority Whip Sonny Borrelli


Speaker of the House Rusty Bowers
Majority Leader Warren Petersen
Majority Whip Beck Nutt

Committee Chairs

The Senate just announced the following committee chairs for the 54th Legislature. Fann also said E Farnsworth will serve as President pro tempore.

Committee on Appropriations
Sen. David Gowan-Chair
Sen. Vince Leach-Vice Chair

Committee on Commerce
Sen. Michelle Ugenti-Rita-Chair
Sen. Tyler Pace-Vice Chair

Committee on Education
Sen. Sylvia Allen-Chair
Sen. Paul Boyer-Vice Chair

Committee on Finance
Sen. J.D. Mesnard-Chair
Sen. David Livingston-Vice Chair

Committee on Government
Sen. David Farnsworth-Chair
Sen. Sonny Borrelli-Vice Chair

Committee on Health & Human Services
Sen. Kate Brophy McGee-Chair
Sen. Heather Carter-Vice Chair

Committee on Higher Education and Workforce Development
Sen. Heather Carter-Chair
Sen. J.D. Mesnard-Vice Chair
Committee on Judiciary
Sen. Eddie Farnsworth-Chair
Sen. Rick Gray-Vice Chair

Committee on Natural Resources & Energy
Sen. Frank Pratt-Chair
Sen. Sine Kerr-Vice Chair

Committee on Rules
President Fann-Chair
Sen. Rick Gray-Vice Chair

Committee on Transportation & Public Safety
Sen. David Livingston-Chair
Sen. Frank Pratt-Vice Chair

Committee on Water & Agriculture
Sen. Sine Kerr-Chair
Sen. Frank Pratt-Vice Chair