Foundation for Children


In 1995, the AFCCA Foundation for Children was established for the ongoing benefit of Arizona children.

The Foundation, in conjunction with school nurses across the state, has developed a program to identify children with specific needs and to provide grants to assist. This program has an immediate effect on the lives of children across the State.

The program’s grassroots efforts start with school nurses who see underprivileged children every school day and are aware their needs, including eyeglasses, hearing aids, medications, special equipment for handicapped children and more. Moreover, the nurses are often aware that these children’s parents cannot afford to supply their child with a much needed item.

The school nurse contacts the Foundation and request aid. The school nurse’s recommendation is highly regarded as a consideration for granting the request. Once the school nurse has filed a request form, it is reviewed by the coordinator and forwarded to the Foundation board. The review process includes an assessment of need, a determination of other sources that may be better able to serve the request and final approval if necessary by the Board of Directors of large funding requests.

The process for forwarding of funds to the school nurse for disposition or payment of the health
care need most often is much faster than most government or charitable organizations.